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        Industrial remote control security

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        [Description]A wireless remote control compositionTransmitter: Transmitter is a portable, small size, light weight, easy to oper
        A wireless remote control composition
        Transmitter: Transmitter is a portable, small size, light weight, easy to operate. Sub-button operation type and type two kinds of remote sensing. Button is suitable for simple, small cranes, remote sensing is suitable for all types of cranes. Transmitter power is a rechargeable battery, shock-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil, small size and light weight. Receiver: The receiver antenna, high-frequency receiver components, CPU, the safety circuit, the output relay boards and other components. After the operation instruction received by the receiver, through amplification, demodulation, decoding and identification of generating a control signal for controlling a crane mechanism operation accordingly. Actuator: The actuator by relays, contactors, composed of the appropriate agency to control the crane operation.
        Safe operation of the two remote control
        When the emergency stop function in the misuse or malfunction may crane operator to control the use of the emergency stop switch quickly cut off the power to the crane, while the transmitter to stop sending commands to run. Emergency stop switch does not automatically reset after an emergency stop, the need to implement the provisions of the startup program before re-operation. Zero protection zero protection shall comply with 2:00 requirements: First, before the operation zero protection. Handle all operations before operating requirements are in
        Send to zero speed when the operating instructions. Second, the operation zero protection
        Voltage protection during unexpected power outages, crane receiver should stop working. After power is restored, the remote control subject to normal operating procedures
        The total power is turned on cranes. Transmitter power supply voltage is too low. Stop work orders should be issued by the self-test function. Safety Interlock crane lifting and carts, trolley and other action commutation control circuit cut motion in the opposite direction. Ordinary remote control when the crane changed. Both retain the original cab operation. When the design and installation of the remote control, you must ensure that two kinds of operation interlock. When the crane multi-point control, the receiver should be set as interlocking. Ensure the implementation of only l station transmitter instruction at the same time.
        Address code is a unique address code, and when the transmitter receives the same encoding and decoding is set, the remote control before it can function. The main use of the remote control code can check the wrong time division cycle digital transmission mode. The so-called digital transmission system is to manipulate the switch by the time allocation information, transmitted in a serial binary code. This approach applies to transmit multiple operating instructions, can check the error code, prevent malfunction and improve safety.
        This switch can turn the key switch is turned on the transmitter power. The key switch can be operated by hand to ensure that the remote control.
        This feature is in self-test function control distance exceeds a predetermined control range of obstacles hinder the transfer instruction, the instruction signal by electromagnetic interference can not be reliably performed, the transmitter power supply voltage is reduced and does not guarantee reliable transfer instruction, it can automatically The total power off the crane. By the operator to re-start the program in the normal operation. Currently, the main technology is the self-test taken command recognition technology. Reception system during reception of the received data symbols in each group tested. If the wrong code to identify the next set of data will wait yards. In this moment, if successive data codes is not detected, it is checked in sequence
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