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        Industrial wireless remote control application

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        [Description]An industrial roadDriving is one of the industry& 39;s most widely used remote control systems in the field, espe
        An industrial road
        Driving is one of the industry's most widely used remote control systems in the field, especially in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills, warehouses, and other materials with new driving almost all industrial remote control device.
        2, crane, truck mounted crane
        Typically, a large truck crane remote control system is also equipped with data feedback device, feedback device operating parameters can be displayed on the fat body system display, the operator can display the data to monitor the crane.
        3, concrete pump
        Because the console from the work surface when there pouring concrete pump operation tens of meters, the traditional mode of operation need to complete a few people with low efficiency, limiting the performance of concrete pump play; maximum use of industrial remote control device can play the whole performance, behind the driver's driving position in the workplace, in order to carry the remote control system of operation of each pump action.
        4, mining machinery
        Mine is low visibility, can be used with remote hydraulic mechanical feedback device. Even in low visibility, harsh environment where you can easily rack heavy rock drilling operations on the remote control will display the full text of the fault information displayed drills. Greatly increasing the safety, comfort and accuracy of operation, save and invest, and improve efficiency.
        5, crawler loaders slag
        Using industrial remote control device for remote loader transformation without changing the existing manual mode of operation of the premise, simulating the mechanical power per job performance and functionality of the original track loader, to unmanned operations aim to complete slag . Eliminating the harsh environment in the past, blurred, temperature drop caused by accidents slag, slag improved operational efficiency, improve the metallurgical working environment, reduce labor intensity.
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