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        Advantages of industrial wireless remote control

        2015-04-02 15:13:38 From:Localhost Font-size:TTT
        [Description]★ saving human resourcesTo bridge crane, for example: operations, mooring, hanging unloading by one person alone
        ★ saving human resources
        To bridge crane, for example: operations, mooring, hanging unloading by one person alone to bear, without command.
        ★ improve work efficiency
        Operator independent judgment, accuracy of operation, coherence than in the past can be significantly improved; unnecessarily constrained due to the cab and braids (operating line) to contain, avoid high temperatures higher operator in the cab temperature, physical discomfort efficiency caused not high, and therefore improve the morale and efficiency of the spirit of the operator.
        ★ improve the operating environment
        The operator can choose the best angle to avoid poor visibility, polluting the operating position; eliminate operator exposure to hazardous gases infringement.
        ★ improve the safety and reliability
        By eliminating the chain of command, in order to avoid misunderstandings due to improper command; operator can command an operational standpoint, more intuitive to see the situation is lifting objects, in addition to avoid the tower crane operator cab in inclement weather insecurity, as well as aerial work operators and commanders miscommunication caused unnecessary accidents.
        ★ reduce the manufacturing and maintenance costs
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