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        Remote control history

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        [Description]In the end is the one who invented the first remote control has not test But one of the first remote control
        In the end is the one who invented the first remote control has not test. But one of the first remote control, is a man named Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) (1856-1943) inventor (he worked for Edison, also known as the genius inventor) developed during 1898 out (U.S. Patent No. 613 809), called "Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles".
        First used to control the TV's remote control is a US company called Zenith Electric Company (the company now acquired LG), developed in the 1950s. A start is wired. In 1955, the company developed a wireless remote control device is called a "Flashmatic" of. But this device is no way to tell whether the beam is coming from the remote control, but also necessary alignment can only be controlled. 1956 Robert. Adler (Robert Adler) developed called "Zenith Space Command" remote control, which is the first modern wireless remote control, he is the use of ultrasound to adjust channels and volume, frequency of each key issue is not the same, However, this device may also be disturbed by the general ultrasound, and some people and animals (such as dogs) to listen to the sound from the remote control.
        1980s, when semiconductor apparatus for transmitting and receiving infrared rays developed, slowly replacing the ultrasonic control apparatus. Even other wireless transmission (such as Bluetooth) continues to be developed, this technology has been widely used until now continued.
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