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        Learning set-top box remote control operation and use

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        [Description]Its key function set-top boxes, set-top box remote control is identical to the original, can directly replace the
        Its key function set-top boxes, set-top box remote control is identical to the original, can directly replace the original set-top box remote. And it is also part of the TV you can "learn" mode, the user's home in a variety of different brands and models of remote control button function to "learn" to the set-top box remote control, so you do not need to distinguish between multiple remotes and worry a.
        Now, let's look at the specific learning set-top box remote control interface and various key functions of it.
        In the blue part of the top of the remote control is the key part of our TV sets and set-top boxes commonly used keys. The white box for the TV button on the left part, which is the difference between learning set-top box remote control set-top boxes with ordinary remote control, we can be a simple operation to achieve remote control of the TV functions. So specifically how to do it?
        You can follow me to operate together. First, press the "Settings" button and hold for three seconds later, the light will be in the long bright state; then, your TV remote control at the receiver set-top box remote control learning, press the TV remote control "Power" button, if you find that the learning set-top box remote control red indicator light flashes, indicating that the remote control signal has been received; Now, press the learning set-top box remote control corresponding to the power button, the red indicator will blink again, This shows that the learning set-top box remote control to switch the TV has learned; but also in the long bright lights then state, we can proceed with other key learning. The method according to the upper part of the key in order to learn the TV "TV / AV" button, volume plus, minus key. All school finished, press the "Settings" button to lock the school yard, the red light is off, the key is to confirm what they have learned, can be used. If you find that you still can not use a key, you can follow the above method, learning once again.
        Let us just learned button to turn on the TV, adjust the TV volume, then the corresponding video set-top box into the state through "TV / AV" button, we can through the same basic set-top box remote control to operate the remote control. Above the blue part of the remote control and a red "standby" button, we can use it to control the set-top box switches; a mute button, you can disable the sound output; mail button to view the system to send us e-mail; return button to return or cancel an operation on the wrong input digital; Volume +, Volume - keys to adjust the output volume level set-top box.

        The middle part of the set-top box remote control is a major operation buttons. "Page" before and after "next page" button to achieve the object of the page; "i" button for the OSD button to display the currently playing program and the next program will be broadcast description. Main Menu button brings up the main menu, and similarly, the second press time, the main menu will disappear; "up" and "down" key is used to move the cursor up or down to increase or decrease the channel number of objects "left", "right" cursor keys are used to reduce the increase between objects moving around or volume; the middle of the "OK" list or confirm operation performed significantly brighter cursor key brings up the channel section; "playbill" key brings up the electronic Program Information Guide; "Exit" button to exit the current applications and services; bottom row of the "TV" button, "broadcast" key, the "Information" key and the "on-demand" key respectively to the TV channels, radio channels of audio, data broadcast channels and video on demand channel; there are four colored buttons side by side, their main function is still preserved.
        The bottom of the main part of the number keys. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 ten numeric keys are used to select the channel or edit text or numbers. In full-screen television or audio broadcasting state, press the number keys to cycle continuously produce up to three numbers, if there is no other number keys within 2 seconds, the set-top box directly to the corresponding numbered channels; press the enter key within 2 seconds ahead Enter the channel number by the end of the non-numeric key to cancel before the digital inputs. In addition, there are two special buttons "Favorites" and "channel", "Favorites" can easily bring up a list of your favorite channels previously set, "channel" to switch the left channel, right channel and stereo .
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